Prabal Joins the Party

Saturday, February 9, 2013

LOVE, that's what inspired Prabal Gurung in the latest "for Target" collection. Every piece is inspired by different stages of courtship, ranging from first kiss to meet the parents. The collection has color saturated prints and ruffles and fun takes on basics like the white tee shirt and the LBD.

However, the element of style that stood out to me in this collection is not necessarily a piece of clothing in particular, rather it's the whole idea behind it: more specifically seen in the ads for Gurung's campaign. On Target's website, for example, you can take a quiz that tells you your "love style." You can be romantic or a heart breaker or crush-worthy. (I'm the last one, wink wink) I don't think I've taken a quiz like that since maybe the sixth grade, but nevertheless it made me giddy that my love song is New Edition's "Candy Girl" and that I should wear floral. (both of which I adore) The little video that accompanies each result to the quiz is precious; starring Olivia Thirlby, Gurung's Target ad is the RomCom you wish existed. (The video for "crush-worthy included a sword fight with flower bouquets and Olivia catching popcorn in her mouth and a silly impromptu dance party. Literally my idea of a perfect first date.) And if the adorable quiz isn't enough, Target and Gurung hosted a launch party on Wednesday that was a CARNIVAL. A carnival. During fashion week. There were rides and carnival food and Ne-Yo. I'm a carnival enthusiast secret daydreamer and a hopeless romantic, so this collection and Gurung's inspiration speak to me. I can't wait to check it out in stores tomorrow! Personally, I've got my eye on the printed shirt dress and the floral shorts...check out the full collection here.

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