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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I can't function without a little mood music so first step is to put on a great dancing song.

Ahhh, much better. Now down to business.

The process of closet editing needs to start with an evaluation of where your wardrobe stands, so that's where shopping your closet comes in handy. The easiest way to do this is to put together several new, functional outfits from what you already have, so that you know what you need to invest in for next season and for spring.

First, it's always important to get rid of clothes you don't wear or that don't fit. Unfortunately, this step can be a little tricky for college students. Definitely toss or give away clothes that don't fit, but don't necessarily give away clothes you find you don't wear as often at school. There are several outfits that I wore a ton in high school and still wear a lot when I go home, but I find that I just don't have the opportunity to wear them here. Those clothes I've reserved for my closet at home, and I know I'll come back to them when I spend less time high-tailing it across campus.

Next I wrote out a list of common scenarios I face every day for dressing in college:

Then I put together several outfits based on the situations above:

After completing this little exercise I came to several realizations:

ONE: My dorm room closet is not ideal for putting together outfits because not only is it tiny, it's also limiting in that I can't see all of my options. When I took all my clothes out and reorganized, I had forgotten about some of the tops and bottoms I had here at school. Furthermore, taking everything out allowed me to edit and put together new outfits based on physically moving around clothes and seeing them together. Next time you find that you have nothing to wear, try taking your clothes out and looking at them from a new perspective.

TWO: Besides being able to put together new outfits, by trying on what I've got, I was able to gauge what I need and what I want to invest in. For example, I really wanted to pair a vintage concert tee shirt with my trench and my polka dot scarf, so now I know to look for one (I'm thinking either an old Eagles tee or an AC/DC tee...) next time I hit up the shops downtown. 

THREE: It's always hard for me to acknowledge that I don't need a million clothes and that it's okay to be an outfit repeater. That being said, having a uniform is a key component to personal style. Remember your style formula? (Remember when The Elements had a blue background and no banner? Yeah me either...) I want people to think of me and my style when they see horizontal stripes. I want to be synonymous with "Audrey style," because those styles have become my everyday, no fail uniform. 

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The Uniform
This post by Man Repeller was so well thought out, I read it twice and have been thinking about it all week. It inspired parts of this post, actually. wink.

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  1. This is so great. I just bought a bunch of new clothes so I feel like I need to go through and edit my closet now to make room!