The Scariest Horror Movie I've Ever Seen

Monday, February 11, 2013

For someone who used to space the hangers (the same, matching hangers, mind you) in her closet, the evidence provided above is basically a scene out of a horror movie. What's worse is that this is my side of the room, so I can't even blame it on my roommate. (sorry Katie ;) Ever since reading Nina Garcia's Little Black Book of Style, where I first heard the idea of closet editing, the concept has been somewhat of a mystery to me. I mean, I understand getting rid of clothes that don't fit and replacing them with ones that do, but the whole "shop your closet" lesson is a really hard one to learn simply by reading from a book, and so that is why I've decided to walk through the process with you, if you'll join me!

Each fall and spring I usually do a re-assessment of my wardrobe: try on all the questionable items that might not fit or might be a little too "last year" and then make a want/need list and then go from there. Unfortunately, I usually don't get too far. I second guess myself, I'm afraid to spend money, and I end up wasting cash on pieces I wear once then toss into the "last year" pile next year. 


This spring I vow to take a different approach. Today is step one: assessment of the situation at hand. 

This step involves a simple list of observations to keep in mind throughout the whole process. First, I realize that I am at a new stage in my life here in college. My wardrobe needs are a lot different than in high school, (note the pink shower shoes above) and I need to keep in mind that I wear mostly comfortable clothes most of the time. (So... now is not the time to invest in those Manolos.) Next, I know that I am on a college student's budget. Yeah, I have money saved from waitressing, and yep, it is a very limited supply, so even cheaper investment pieces will have to wait. And really a lot of other things too. Finally, I accept that it is possible to revamp my dorm room wardrobe, and that with a lot of effort and a lot of patience, I will get everything to fit back in that wardrobe! (Which will be something to write home about, in itself.)

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The Working Closet 
This blog has some great tips on how to shop your closet!

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