What Would Blair Waldorf Do? Be Audrey-esque

Monday, February 18, 2013

{in my clutch}
compact mirror, mints, oil absorbing sheets, clinique lipstick in black
honey, quarters for parking, bobby pins, business cards for prospective
readers, chocolate, and my phone for live tweeting ;)

Blair is truly a girl after my own heart: she is stylish, classy, has a taste for bad boys, and of course, calls Audrey Hepburn her alter ego. (Which must make us, like, sisters. Or something.) When Blair dreams, she dreams in Audrey Hepburn films, most famously: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Roman Holiday, and Charade. In these dreams she is always styled in a way that is so perfectly Audrey, proving that being a Hepburn fan is not only a fantasy, it is a lifestyle.

For my sorority formal, it seemed fitting to pay homage to two of my favorite style icons: Waldorf and Hepburn. I've always had a hard time shopping for formal wear (it stresses me out!) because I usually have an exact idea of how I want to style myself, and I rarely find exactly what I'm looking for. However, after visiting several different stores, I finally arrived upon Von Maur, a new-ish department store in Atlanta that is all sparkly with shiny tile floors and crystal chandeliers and mirrored walls and cotton candy pink carpet. It was kind of like what my dream castle looked like as a child. (The one I plan to share with Prince Harry one day. NBD.) Anyway, when I tried on this champagne-colored shift with the bow in the back, I was absolutely sold. It's sixties, it's glamorous, it's subtle, it's so very remarkably Audrey. Formal wear usually speaks for itself, so I always try to keep the accessories minimal. I layered bracelets that complemented the sparkles and pearls on the waistband and chose a monochromatic shoe that played on the bow theme.

As all us Gossip Girl fans know, it's all about the soiree, and our formal was quite the social event of the season. There was a Motown band (they were absolutely wonderful), and the marquee was specialized for us and it was just a great fun night all around. If your formal is coming up, you need only remember to channel your inner Waldorf channeling her inner Hepburn for great style and effortless elegance.

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