Midweek Musings: Confidence and Keds

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Well helloooo everyone! Sorry about the furlough I took for a few weeks; long story short, midterms happened and then spring break happened, and then the beginning of this week yielded no time to blog. Oh college, calm yourself. I'll get all my work done in the end...

Since you last heard from me, I've found myself in a bit of a slump. (Writer's block being a main symptom, unfortunately.) Every now and then, I struggle with the definition of identity. Who am I and how specifically do I define my style? How can I connect all my various interests into one neat little package labeled "Anna?" If I were a brand, what would my tagline be?

These little crises of identity usually arise out of a lost sense of confidence and self-doubt. I tend to wallow in self-pity and I worry too much about my portrayed image to the world. I stress equally about the days when I don't allow myself time to get ready and the days when I have plenty of time but can't seem to find anything to wear.

Taylor Swift has always been a great influence in my life probably because the inside of our heads are both very similar. (I am first and foremost a writer, she once said.) We think the same way, and because of this, I tend to relate to her on a personal level. For this particular identity crisis, Taylor offered some great advice. Taylor is currently endorsing Keds Sneakers, and in some viral YouTube videos for Keds called "Bravehearts," she explains tricks for confidence and bravery. Her explanations are simple, but her good advice to "throw your shoulders back and be friendly to people" was exactly the kick in the pants I needed to get back on my feet again.

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Speaking of Keds, check out how adorable these Kate Spade x Keds are... how appropriate for the first day of spring! I'm coveting those polka dots. They'd be perfect with a flirty sundress and sunhat!

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