Midweek Musings: Hard and Soft

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ever since Coachella happened this weekend, I've just been wallowing in the aftermath on the blogs, in Vogue, and on my friend Alexandra's Facebook page, because she's really cool and from Cali and she can just pop over to the hottest festival of the season nbd. (And she can totally get away with wearing a daisy crown.) 

After scrolling through numerous pictures of festival style, I must say I was entranced and have vowed to go through a hippie phase at some point in my life. (Actually, I might be entering that stage now what with all these cutoffs and headscarves I'm into at the moment.) Anyway, Diane Kruger particularly caught my eye in the midst of laid-back festival style because of her sartorial take on the juxtaposition of hard and soft. Those biker boots look like they were made to be paired with those pink ruffles and that fierce rocker tee and those little shorts complement Kruger's breezy hair and coral lip. This type of juxtaposition is fascinating, and quite frankly, is what makes sartorial fashion so unapologetically appealing. The ability to mix and match is the tool of the fashionista: she knows how to balance stylistic elements so to perfectly assemble outfits that reverberate her personality and interests. Here, Diane Kruger evokes classy cool at Coachella - she's effortless, dressed the part, (for the music festival, that is) and yet she hasn't sacrificed her own unique style.

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The Great Gatsby Soundtrack sampler - Another example of hard and soft juxtaposition: I love the opening Charleston number with Will.i.am infused lyrics. I tip my hat to you, Mr. Jay-Z (who produced the soundtrack).

Images from Vogue.com 


  1. God, I'm so jealous of everyone who attended Coachella!! My instagram feed has been taken over by Coacella related posts. I just love the entire boho/hippie vibe, it's so California. What I wouldn't give... le sigh!

    P.S. great blog, want to follow each other?


  2. Haha I definitely lived vicariously through all the Insta and Twitter posts about Coachella! And thank you so much for reading and following! I will definitely check out your blog! :)

    Hepburn Comma Me xx