Monday, April 8, 2013

Two of my favorite childhood story books were Linnea in Monet's Garden and Degas and the Little Dancer, respectively. Both of these books have inspired me growing up in various facets of my life. I remember visiting Monet's garden like Linnea did and the garden was just as magical as she described. Unfortunately, the day at the Louvre seeing the little dancer is one that will go down in my family's history as unpleasant - six-year-old me screamed right through the entire visit. (Probably after a long day of touring museums...) However, I do remember seeing a cast of the little dancer a few years later in Washington D.C, and it was quite like a dream. Having been a dancer, I was intrigued at how the statue accurately captures a dancer's posture: perfectly natural turnout, confident (and yet at the same time, meek and humble) shoulders turned back, neck held high.

So how did these little children's stories inspire my personal style today? It's funny how you are attracted to clothes that have a story. Linnea's straw hat with the black ribbon is my image of a summer staple. I live for freshly pressed black tee shirts and tank tops because they remind me of the comfortable, lightweight feel of a leotard. Full ballet skirts like the one Degas' dancer wears are flirty and practical. Dress in what makes you happy, because then the little stories that make you who you are will shine through.

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Hunter Hayes' performance was by far my favorite on the ACMs last night, (guys, there was confetti) and as if his new single weren't great enough, he brought out Stevie Wonder and they sang "Sir Duke." #whatislife

hat: Target / tank: LT basics / shorts: Community Athens / ballets: Tory Burch / skirt: J. Crew (old)

Degas photo credit: Wordpress

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog, and I LOVE it! I am also an Anna Elizabeth. I especially love this post, as I also grew up loving Linnea and ballet. What a creative idea, outfits inspired by beloved children's books. You have definitely gained a reader today! :)