Midweek Musings: The Music Issue, Vol. 2

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Music Issue, vol 2

First of all, and most importantly, HAPPY SUMMER! As sad as it was to move out of the dorm a week ago, I am looking forward to a GREAT summer. I can't wait for warmth and a suntan and the smell of coconut sunblock and chlorine. (dear pool, please open already) I've been listening to quite a variety of music lately and my master Spotify playlist doubled in size last week so I thought I'd comment on this week's playlist.

1. Springsteen - "Born to Run" and "Born In The USA" will most likely be my summer anthems this year. "Born to Run" speaks to me particularly because of my upcoming trip to Italy this summer: I'm restless, I want to get out into the world, I was born to run.

2. will.i.am - His new album #willpower is excellent. Not only does he have a slew of famous featured artists, all the beats are just right. And of course I'm quite partial to "Bang Bang" with its techno-infused Charleston rhythm. (also featured on the Great Gatsby soundtrack)

3. Hunter Hayes - I feel like "I Want Crazy" is self explanatory. Between the excellent self-penned lyrics to Hayes' incredible musical range, (he can play 30 different instruments...what WHAT) this song is the perfect amount of country-crooning, electric guitar riffs, and CRAZY. *swoon*

4. Luke Bryan - Ok, OK. I hopped aboard the Luke Bryan train. In part because you have to like country music when you live in Athens, and in part because I heard him live, (behind the fence at Stanford Stadium) and in part because he sings about love in college towns and Chi Os, Bryan captured my attention. His songs, particularly from this album, glorify the college experience with all its gritty misbehaving antics, and boy, does it provide the perfect soundtrack for reminiscing and commiserating.

5. The Band Perry - In "I'm a Keeper," Kimberly Perry sings about the current stage of my life right now when she croons "I'm a brown-eyed loner / I march to my own drummer." The allusion to Thoreau again reflects my restlessness and sense of adventure. Kimberly and I are not loners in the sense that we want to be alone, we just like our independence. "Done." and "Don't Let Me Be Lonely" are also standouts, but really the whole album is great and has been on repeat.

6. Gatsby - I thought the movie was fantastic and I went in with the expectation that I would hate it. the fusion of modern music with Fitzgerald's vibrant description of the 1920's era was not only appealing, it gave the novel a whole new dimension. Gatsby is The Great American Novel, and this modernization proves that it is indeed timeless. I love will.i.am's "Bang Bang" and Fergie's "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody." More importantly, I love the idea of doing the Charleston to these fast paced party songs.

7. Ellie Goulding - "Anything Can Happen" is another anthem for my restlessness. I picture running through an airport dragging my suitcase and clutching a straw hat.

8. Fall Out Boy - I really, really like Fall Out Boy. I don't understand why, I won't ever be able to explain it. "The Phoenix" just sounds cool - both conceptually and with it's symphonic into. And "Save Rock and Roll" features Elton John, so enough said.

9. Icona Pop - "I Love It" and the fact that you can hear their Swedish accents if you listen closely. #You'reFromTheSeventies

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