Spotlight on Cutoffs

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lights, camera, ACTION.

I'm slowly but surely getting ready for Italy (I leave June 5!), and let me tell you, the packing process is a long, narrow road. I'll save the traveling details for my summer adventure blog, L'Italia è Bella, but fashion wise, I've come across a few trends. I can only bring what I carry, and therefore, my outfit choices are limited.

So far this Spring I've lived in these cutoffs I got in Athens, and even though they're a bit too big and baggy and kind of unflattering, I love them. High waisted cutoffs are quirky and super casual and great for hot weather. And even more great, they can be styled differently be either tucking in or hanging out. This great debate of whether to tuck in my shirt or let it hang loose is always a dilemma - one way is polished and preppy, the other is tomboyish and sloppy (in a good way). The denim cutoff captures both these looks with equal finesse.

scarf: Missoni for Target / top: vintage / cutoffs: Community Athens / shoes: Ecco

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