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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sometimes the Fashion Industry can wear (pun intended) you out, so I decided to start blogging about what I actually like blogging about. 
Okay, I like blogging about fashion, so nothing's changing there. What I don't like blogging about is what I'm wearing everyday (I'll just tell you right now and save the effort: norts and a tee shirt. If it's a good day - denim shorts and Toms instead of sneakers). Sure, every once and a while I'll come up with a great zinger and want to write about it, but in reality I'm not a blog star and I really don't want to sacrifice my norts or my sorority shirts for a glamorous, impractical outfit. My everyday look is just too I-care-but-I-don't-care chic. If you can even classify athletic gear and crumpled tee shirts as chic. There is a certain pressure these days to keep up with the scores and scores of amateur fashion bloggers out there on the interweb all trying their hardest to be the next big writer for Vogue, the next big blog brand, the next big Leandra or Hanneli or Blair, and rather than keep up with the Kardashians Joneses, I'm going to blog about what makes me happy, and not worry about deadlines or Twitter updates or trends. I'm going back to good, old fashioned content.

Here are some things that make me happy that I might blog about sometime:

black and white photography
movie musicals
J. Crew catalogs
The Fitzgeralds (F. Scott and Zelda)
Kate Spade's brand management
Charleston, SC
ballet flats
black cigarette pants
Audrey Hepburn (duh)

image via pinterest.com

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