On My Playlist: October Songs, etc.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

And apparently I only wear striped sailor shirts when I listen to music that's any good.

1. "New York City" - dreamy and nostalgic and mysterious and sincere like the city itself
2. "Ribs" - honest. (it's so scary getting old)
3. "Slumber" - i kind of feel like i'm in the midst of waking up from a slumber now, so relevant
4. "The Love Club" - lorde's lyrics make me want to read more (if that makes sense?)
5. "Jolene" - eerie. this song sounds like october. if october were a song.

6. "Schoolin' Life" - girl. power. this song sounds great in my car (red kia soul. don't hate). i be like:

7. "Carolina" - an obsession with matt wertz is slowly escalating. "5:19" is also really good
8. "Dreaming" - great beat (please god tell me we're dreaming)
9. "Awakening" - similar to "Slumber;" i love the line: downtown was the perfect place to hide
10. "Iris" - this song also sounds like october to me
11. "Start Me Up" - the rolling stones will never cease to make me feel like a bad ass and i love it
12. "Caught Up In You" - pure 80's glitter
13. "Rebel Beat" - i so desperately try too hard to be a rebel with a rebel cause and a rebel beat

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