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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Four fall style tips that don't require a swipe of your credit card. (Granted, a little digging around in the depths of your closet may be necessary.)

I've made a bet with myself that starts Tuesday because Monday I accidentally set my alarm clock for 8 AM and therefore had to rush out the door to my 8 AM lab (no worries, I made it!). Wanna know what it is? I bet myself that I could avoid wearing tee shirts and leggings (for crying out loud they aren't even pants. seriously.) for a whole week. In a college town where you get a once-over and a skeptical why are you so dressed up if you happen to wear jeans and a tee shirt, "dressing up" for class is an anomaly. In this case, I think I would like to be the exception to the rule.

Based on research and recent observations and personal preferences, I came up with four little style tips I plan on using:

1. If you have a plain white tee shirt, add some personality with an embroidered catch phrase. - J. Crew is featuring Parisian store Maison Labiche on their website and I just fell in love with the tee shirts' simplicity: each features a hand embroidered catch phrase. I'm planning on embroidering my own on an old Hanes v neck next week. My catch phrase of choice? "Lolz."

2. If you have a flannel shirt, wear it tied around your waist. - I cannot stop thinking about Hailee Steinfeld's slouchy flannel tied around her waist at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party earlier this fall. I love the irony of that simple flannel: so intentional, and yet so perfectly out of place. I have a lace dress that I plan on layering a flannel and a denim jacket on top of.

3. If you have sneakers, don't wear them with athletic clothes. - Possibly my favorite trend right now (of all time?!) is all this fuss about vintage Nike and New Balance sneakers. Converse and Keds aside, make may for a new classic sneaker for your collection. I just bought a pair and have worn them almost every day since. For some strange reason I can't explain, they look so chic with black jeans and all varieties of ankle pants, not to mention skirts and dresses alike. Oh, and every fashionable woman I saw window shopping in Rome and Florence this summer sported a pair. Classic.

4. If you have a chunky sweater, wear it with a slip. - Ever since Rag & Bone paired that deep v neck sweater with a floaty slip dress, all I have wanted to do is wear a little silky dress (is it acceptable to wear a slip as a dress?!) and pair it with my $9, XL, on-sale Gap turtle neck sweater that is actually maybe my favorite sweater ever.

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