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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Most kids were humiliated when they had to face walking into school sporting a shiny new pair of glasses. Getting glasses seemed like a failure and an invitation to be ridiculed all wrapped up into one simple little accessory. You failed your eye exam, so you just assumed that you would have to walk into elementary school among the inevitable chants of "four eyes" with visions of Harry Potter's pathetic round glasses held together by tape floating around in your head.

Not me, though. I purposefully tried to fail my eye exam every year since kindergarten because I wanted glasses. They make you look smarter, sophisticated, whimsical. I might be the only person to have 20/20 vision, only to bemoan the fact that I can't wear glasses.

But that's where the subject of this post comes it okay to wear glasses (albeit with zero magnification or correction) if you don't necessarily need them? Are glasses acceptable to wear purely as a fashion statement? Will you look even more ridiculous because you obviously don't need correction?

Unfortunately, I believe the answers to these questions are just as you might suspect: it probably isn't okay to wear fake glasses if you don't need them, and it's probably worse to wear actual reading glasses if you don't need them, because that seems like it might mess with your vision. I never appreciated that high school trend of the "fake nerd glasses" (I know you know what I'm talking about...yikes), and plus it seems kind of like lying if you sport glasses when you don't need them. I distinctly remember getting ridiculed by one of my first grade classmates because I showed up to school wearing a pair of purple sunglasses of which I had poked out the lenses. I don't think I ever quite recovered.

However, because I think girls like Jenna Lyons (shown above at the J. Crew Fall 2012 presentation) and Lennon Stella are the epitome of cool and because of this deeply ingrained belief I have that one just looks wiser in glasses, I still really wish it was okay to wear fake glasses. In fact I still wear a pair that I poked the lenses out of sometimes when I'm very alone at home. Shhhh. #sorryboutit

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