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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When my accounting professor expressed that she "thinks in spreadsheets" last week, I finally realized why I was having difficulty following her train of thought: I think in thought bubbles. The only difference is my brain isn't quite as "organized" as the graphic above.
So I guess this graphic is composed of a bunch of little thought bubbles that have been popping around in my head that I've wanted to write about today, and rather than choose one, here they all are, mixed up and jumbled together.

It all started at the Grammy's on Sunday night. If not one of the best Grammy's I've ever watched, it was definitely up there. Taylor Swift was unanimously voted best dressed on the red carpet in Gucci, she danced the night away (per usual; I think Taylor-dancing-at-awards-shows gifs are literally the funniest thing ever), and of course made everyone cry and empathize and cringe a little (see: Taylor Swift Headbanged Her Heart Out During Her Grammys Performance). After Taylor's sparkly dress was revealed on the Red Carpet, I think my absolute favorite part of the Grammys was Lorde winning her two shiny "sippy cups" (See: Blue Ivy's Grammy Bold Sippy Cup Proves Jay-Z is Officially a "Cool Dad"). 2014 so far is proving to be the year of the teenager; (btw, another reason I love being 19 is that I'm a teenager the same time as Lorde. I know, I know.) Lorde's insight into the bored experience of a teen is accurate and not sugar coated at all. Lorde puts to music what all of us teenagers are trying to find: an escape from reality into our own teenage wastelands. We live in cities you'll never see onscreen, aka the suburbia inside our heads: dreamland. Existence and growing up is all about accepting reality and Lorde sings about her journey there. Her Rolling Stone interview was really insightful too; she cites inspiration from Rookie Mag and Fleetwood Mac and (I know it's cliche) but really just solidified the fact that she's a normal teenager, with an average teenage view of the world. Many publications have called her a "queen of the weird girls," but I think she's more of an everyday kind of hero: a writer, and inspiration, an example of a headstrong and confident teen. I don't think there will ever be a time where I tire of seeing a confident girl taking the world by storm.

So confidence is what leads me from Lorde to today. "Team" has been in my ears since Sunday. The weather has been so grim: a perfect setting for that song. And that point is where the next thought bubble pops, also known as SNOWPOCALYSE or SNOLO or #SNOWDAWGSONTOP, was our first sighting of snow in Athens and let me tell you, it was beautiful and sparkly and pretty just like snow should be. Everyone has been singing "Do You Want To Build a Snowman" and "Let It Go" from Frozen. Downtown was hopping (naturally). Milledge was alight with country music and snowball fights and snowmen shaped like bulldawgs. (and Olaf. Chi O-laf? Nah.) To top off the night, our house mom brought out a tray of s'mores and hot chocolate for some sisterly bonding by the fire, which sounds corny but it was a lot of fun. The little things, ya know? I didn't wear that cozy turtleneck above today, but warm sweaters and my navy yardsale coat were definitely the move today. Right now I'm wearing two pairs of leggings. And I have my headphones in...

Which finally leads me to my blog. If you look closely you might get a sense for what's coming up next. I've been thinking a lot about what I want to write about and I can tell you, some fun content is coming your way. Stay tuned! Oh, another thought bubble just popped up...I put Lorde's "Team" in the {currently listening to} section, but actually currently right now I'm HOOKED on Danielle Bradbery's version of "Heads Caroline/Tails California" so I went ahead and put that YouTube vid below. Have a listen. Ah darn, another thought bubble...I should probs finish studying for accounting...and now we are full circle!!! OK BUT RLY TTYL BYE

{currently listening to}

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