Best Things About Being 19: Living in the House

Thursday, February 6, 2014

it's like a permanent slumber party.
Being a teenager is quite the coming-of-age novel. I know I say this (or a thought bubble pops up in my brain frequently about this at least) a lot, but I feel like I've really grown up and changed my attitude a bunch just since the time I moved back into Chi O after the break up until now. January has been a month of new beginnings (rightly so) and fresh attitudes on life. In no particular order, here are the things I've been repeating to myself lately that have made me such a happier person:

1. FOMO needs to die. Obviously I really love social media for marketing purposes, and I will probably end up working for Tumblr or Twitter or Facebook, or at least working in conjunction with those companies, but I hate the attitudes that these sites have (if unintentionally) inspired. FOMO, or "Fear of Missing Out," is a real thing that has been blogged about before, and seems to be an increasingly popular topic to digest and discuss. Now with a 24 hour update on everybody's lives from your elementary school friends (who, let's be honest, do you ever see many of them in real life?) to your old teachers to your coworkers, it certainly can seem like you are missing out on that wild night on the town or that crazy fun staff party. To be honest, I've been invited to enough of those to know that nothing is as fun as the pictures on Facebook make it out to be, and if you live your life wishing you were constantly somewhere else, it seems quite impossible to enjoy anything at all. Living in the house sometimes feels like a constant Facebook newsfeed because you hear what everyone is up to all the time, but rather than subject myself to FOMO, I'm happy enjoying the fun things I have been invited to, or the socials I have gone to, or the random Chi O's I find myself hanging out with in the moment. Life is a constant party if you let it be. [Side note: Sometimes it is also nice to leave memories to fade and be Romanticized in your brain than to remember with actual pictures anyway...]

2. Being yourself means being content with what you are doing at all times. (AKA, the opposite of FOMO) I might never be totally comfortable in a fraternity house basement (#bakedvomit) but I'm okay with that. I'm learning that I'm really talkative and I get frustrated being quiet. Maybe that's why I write so much? That would also explain the thought bubbles. Being yourself means not wanting to be someone else. It means being confident and confidence means throwing your shoulders back and standing up tall. It means getting out of bed each day with no expectations. It means fully investing in reality and not being afraid of what the future holds. It means not trying too hard.

3. Living in the house is a permanent slumber party and at first I thought that meant that I had to be on my best behavior 24/7. I had to be witty and charming and fun ALL DAY. I couldn't relax. I couldn't be myself. Like there was never a time when I could unwind. I didn't feel comfortable. Until January. January I realized that In fact, trying to be fun and witty all day meant not being myself. Myself is fun and witty a lot of the time, but I really value alone time and quiet time and blogging time and even time with friends to just sit and maybe watch to Bachelor or sit and do nothing at all.

All in all I've learned that living in the house is what you make of it. Friends are earned by the effort you put in, and the effort is easier with confidence and humility. I value the house for what its taught me about friendship and bonding and kindness and thoughtfulness and confidence and contentment. When you look at life as a learning experience, you learn to live with no regrets.

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