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Monday, May 26, 2014

Being home has its perks. My first favorite luxury is having my closet back with all of my clothes in one place, and the second is access to my parents' closet. I don't speak of their current wardrobes, however. I like to "borrow" items that will allow me a bit of freedom on the return date and that are old enough to be considered vintage. (If I can assign a decade to a piece, I'll call it vintage.)
Over the years, I've stolen some of my most personified garb from my madre. In the seventh grade I wore daily what would become known as "my signature boots," which is quite ridiculous considering they weren't really mine. My mom got them in San Francisco in the 80s, and I wore them out so badly I recently had to get new soles put on them. (My shoe size hasn't changed since middle school, so yes, I still wear them.) These boots are the perfect shade of mahogany with an interesting leather threading woven through them and worn away in all the right places. These boots are truly signature, and I'm proud they've evolved into a classic element of my personal style.

My most recent score was acquired last week as my mom and I put together a wardrobe for my summer internship. I'm doing marketing for a small industrial office that requires professional attire: a category of clothing in which I unfortunately lack. (Though I take pride in my business classes, the dress code at school is no more formal than your everyday norts-and-tee-shirt combo.) From the depths of what we refer to as the "dress up closet," emerged a perfectly proportioned tea-length pencil skirt and a pair of high waisted navy slacks. Classic pieces with a hint of the era of which they originated, this skirt and these pants brighten up cubicle life. (I refer to my desk as "The Cube")

My dad, though lacking in the area of vintage boots and retro high-waisted pants, has supplied a collection of tee shirts that have become a summer staple this season (so far). On days when I'm not interning, the easiest thing to grab is a pair of denim shorts and a perfectly worn in tee shirt. My favorites are his old high school football shirt, a tee shirt from St. Pete Beach, Florida, the location of his boyhood family vacations, and a recently swiped Princeton shirt, presumably from touring colleges as a high school senior. You can't pay for the kind of softness that comes from an already-worn-in tee shirt. You just can't.

I've found that the best way to wear vintage is to focus on one vintage item per outfit and build from there. Classics work well with vintage and keep it from looking costume-y: a white button up, great jeans, cutoffs, sneakers, your favorite accessories that you wear everyday. The history of a vintage piece of clothing will speak for itself, our job as personal style aficionados it to simply enhance its story.

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If you could grade a song based on the quality of its YouTube parodies, "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea would get an A+. My favorites are here and here. Also, the music video is Clueless-themed so basically Iggy can do no wrong.

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