Orlando, Here We Go!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cardinal & Straw in Florida

A week from today, I will be packing my bags for sunny Orlando, FL for my sorority's (Go Chi O) convention. Going to convention was one of my goals when I first pledged because I like the idea of seeing the larger network of Chi O's from all over the country come together and celebrate our history and our values. We are the largest fraternal women's organization in the country, and so to meet women beyond our chapter's reach will certainly be exciting. Aaaaannnndddd because convention takes place in Orlando this year, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that WE ARE ALSO GOING TO DISNEY WORLD. D-I-S-N-E-Y W-O-R-L-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clearly, I am too excited about this for my own good.

I was rather deprived of Disney World growing up because unfortunately I nurtured a healthy fear of all things masked and costumed until about 7th grade. As a child I think I was a little too smart for my own good when it came to costumes. Clearly there was someone inside the Mickey Mouse costume and I always pictured the creepiest person inside there ever, like a cross between Captain Hook and the child-snatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Those fears kept my parents woefully aware that I wouldn't go anywhere near Disney. Fortunately the anxiety has dissipated (Except for masked clowns. I really don't think I'll ever get over that category of terror.) and I'm off to the Magic Kingdom in a week.

So what does one wear to Disney?! In my fantasy closet, I'd pull out the outfits above. Growing up in the South where 80-90 degrees is a given during the summer has made me a big fan of shorts and tank tops in June, July, and August. Here I played with a cardinal and straw (red and yellow) theme because those are Chi Omega's (and coincidentally, Mickey Mouses') colors. I loved these Keds from the KedsxKSNY collection (they don't make them anymore, but see more from the collection here) because of the pointy toe and the way the stripy flats and shorts are monochromatic. Jewelry-wise, I thought fun, dangle-y earrings were the best option, so as to avoid unsightly watch, bracelet, and necklace tans (ugh). These new J. Crew ones are absolutely rad. Finally a conventional cross-body in an unconventional color and some Minnie ears round out the look.


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