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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The 1950 Mu Beta Chapter of Chi Omega

It's that time of year again ladies: sorority recruitment. Tomorrow we'll switch out our sneakers for wedges and (hopefully) all our hard work will be paid off with some meaningful conversations, genuine introductions, and of course: NEW FRIENDS!!!! For someone who absolutely loves recruitment, this time of the year is like Christmas. I think it's the dancer in me: I'm used to grueling rehearsal schedules, but it will all pay off in the end when we get to "perform" and recruit those new friends. So on our end (without giving anything away of course!!) there's mostly been a lot of screaming and eating (we had pizza for lunch today and it almost made waking up at 7:30 this morning worth it) and generally getting excited about everything Chi O-related. Surprisingly, every day I've had boundless energy which I think is coming from being around my friends for the first time since May but also is probably somewhat attributed to the fact that I've been scarfing down 6 packs of Oreos like they're manna from Heaven. Someone get those things away from me.

Anywayyyyy I've written a post about recruitment each year since being a potential new member myself (here and here), and to continue that tradition, I thought I'd share my hopes and wishes for recruitment 2014. It's in a letter format because I think that is the best way to communicate.

Dear Potential New Member (PNM),

Welcome to your first (or maybe second or third!) sorority recruitment. I wish you the best of luck and the most interesting conversations. This is going to be a week filled with so many memories and so many emotions that it might seem overwhelming, but fear not, you are a brave and strong individual, and this experience will be what you make of it. Be yourself, smile, be genuine, and perhaps most importantly, be confident in who you are. That confidence will shine through, I promise.

I wish you zero wardrobe malfunctions. I hope you remember to eat a good breakfast and to wear lipstick. I hope you don't forget what you want to say or that you forget your name. (Hey, it happens!) I hope you don't regret wearing a Lilly dress. (honestly, you probably will. ten bucks your hall mate will show up in the same one). I wish you a clear mind and easy access to a notebook to write down notes about each house. (and thoughts and hopes and dreams!) I hope you'll look past how cute the cocktail napkins are or the color of the window treatments in the Chapter room or how many girls have Alex & Ani bracelets on. I hope you'll look for the harder things to spot: genuineness, kindness, comfortableness, a welcoming attitude. I wish you a clear conscious and an unbiased opinion.

Most of all, I wish you peace. Being in a sorority is much more about peace than it is about excitement. Sure Bid Day feels like maybe the best birthday ever ever ever and date nights always include epic dance parties, and even sitting and hanging out in the hallways at Chi O is like a little intimate fiesta, but it's the peace of mind you find from knowing that your friends have your back and you have theirs that makes pledging a sorority worthwhile. It's your home away from home. It's the place you go where you don't have to apologize for being yourself.

Good luck. Now get some sleep! 5:30 is going to come bright and early tomorrow!!!!

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  1. I love this so much! Well done. Wish I had this before going throug