Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I spy Leandra and Heidi!!! | image from T Magazine
Fashion Week has the world's eyes trained on New York this time of the year, and as a result, style junkies and fashion bloggers' Instagram feeds alike are runway photo after runway photo. Honestly I'm not sure why anyone travels to NY anymore because with the live streams and the instant updates, it's like we are all there.

This image particularly struck me from T Magazine because of the street style influence in the model's hairstyle. The Michael Kors models this year sported messy braids that could have been styled right from the girl sitting next to me in class or across the street at Starbucks. (That girl is probably in leggings and a giant tee shirt, but still.) I love the juxtaposition between the gown and the simple hairstyle: sometimes high fashion can surprise us all in how chic a simple stylistic element is. A braid might be the PB&J of hairstyles. It is something you grew up on; your mom probably taught you how to knot a French braid and you practiced on your American Girl dolls.

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Here is the complete look. It feels like something I might wear around Paris: very Ballerina-y flats and a simple LBD with an exaggerated neckline. You know, because you really never know when the next time you might be in Paris ...

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Finally ... a few of my favorite looks from the Michael Kors show. I particularly resonated with the florals in this collection: really dreamy, like your favorite over-the-top bouquet. These blooms look so fragrant I can almost smell them. I also really love the matching separates: super versatile and fun, crop tops (for lack of a better word) and skirts are having a moment and I love it, particularly sleeveless, almost shift dress-like silhouettes. I also am obsessing over the sheer skirts on top of the shirt dresses. Ladylike with an element of surprise, just the way I like my fashion. (and my hot tea.)

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