Monday, September 8, 2014

This year has had me boarding planes left and right and I couldn't be happier. I finally got my own SkyMiles card and I plan on earning a lot of points in the near future. Traveling is like playing dress up in a lot of ways: I always like to emulate a little bit of wherever I'm traveling to in my wardrobe. Friday I'm boarding a plane to Tuscan, Arizona and I'm told that yes there are rattlesnakes there, but the scorpions are what you need to look out for. Goodie.

Besides the hazards I may encounter, I am traveling westward for my cousin Maddie's wedding! (Note: I LOVE WEDDINGS) She's tying the knot on a dude ranch, so cowboy boots and a vintage straw hat were definitely in order. Yay for horseback riding (I might just give a horse a little pat on the head, does that count?). Yay for an Arizona tan (fingers crossed). And YAYAYAYAY for a giant wedding reception dance party (my favorite part).

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