Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Haim & Stevie Nicks pose for T Magazine | photos by Tierney Gearon
I am obsessed with keeping things. I have a cabinet full of shoeboxes of ticket stubs and programs and buttons and subway passes and swim team ribbons. There's a folder next to my desk at home filled with sticky notes and sheets of notebook paper containing sprawling bits of poetry and song lyrics jotted down absentmindedly. I have a shelf of previous journals, perhaps my favorite collection of the aforementioned junk. 

So when I read the article in T Magazine about Haim and Stevie Nicks, the element of advice Nicks offered the young musicians that stuck out at me was her style of journaling. A mystical and mysterious creature, Nicks holds quite a reputation for being a rock n' roll woman with wild heart. She's so meta. It seems natural to me that she would record her journeys through life in such an artistic fashion. The key to keeping a good journal? "On the right-hand side of the page you write what happened that day, and on the left-hand side you write poems so when you have an evening where you're like, 'I'm gonna light all the candles and I'm gonna put the fire on, and I'm gonna sit at the piano and write,' you can dip into your diaries and instantly find a poem and begin" (T Magazine). What a beautiful way to record thoughts. There is something magical about the written word, whatever it's form. I know I talk about the musical quality of clicking computer keyboard keys, but there is something rhythmic in pen-and-ink too; curvy words and loopy letters and the ability to doodle in the margins all make physical writing quite artistic.

I began journaling regularly in the seventh grade and I remember clearly the obsession with it. I think the climax of my journaling finesse came after I moved to a new place after middle school ended. The culmination of a relocation spawned lots of feelings and sadness and trying to figure out where I was going. That was the year Taylor Swift's Fearless was released. My journal was pink leather. It is worth more to me than gold. Up to now, my style of journaling is based on Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries series. I kid you not. (Remember I started in the seventh grade...) Mia from the books always wrote the date and the time and where she was in the top corner of her journal, and so do I. What follows is usually a sketch of what important thing happened that day. I used to keep a separate journal for poetry and song lyrics, but since high school I've kept a folder on my computer labeled "Creative." Since reading Stevie Nicks' style of journaling, I think I'll try it out. My main problem these days is consistency, but I will work on that too. Imagine having a recount of your day-by-day life from your twenties. Lots of possibilities in there.

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