How to Be a Classy Lady: Have Your Résumé {a Little}

Monday, December 15, 2014

Bex, this says you are fluent in Finnish.
So, who doesn't have their résumé a little?
From Elle Woods to Becky Bloomwood, some of our favorite fictional fashionistas turned their résumés into as much a personalized fashion accessory as a monogramed Louis Vuitton bag or a pair of splatter-painted Jackson Pollock Keds (perhaps my next project?). I am working on applying to internships and therefore a precise résumé is exactly the kind of polish I think might add a lot to my arsenal of personal style elements. 

Though I definitely don't advocate for lying on your résumé (Is Finnish even a language?) and perhaps scented paper is going a little too far, I think the right amount of flair makes a résumé stand out from the crowd. In editing my own, here are some little elements of style I used:

1. Be Consistent. Use the same format throughout the résumé. This applies to both grammar and style. If you always use an Oxford comma, by damn, don't leave a single one out. 

2. Make it Flow. Based on my frequent trips to the career center, I picked up a few things here and there about how to organize a résumé. My career counselor advised me to organize my entries by their relevance to my major (but obviously this will be different for different people depending on the resume content). He also said that I should organize the entries by most recent to least recent. This organization allows the content to flow seamlessly and puts the most recent and important information at the top.

3. Hone in on the Details. Beautiful typography. Clear, concise, and organized headings. Line breaks. A monogram in the corner. Succinct action verbs. Quality paper. The first thing you notice about an outfit is the way it harmonizes. Though little details like a fresh manicure or a swipe of black mascara might fly under the radar, those are the very elements that bring the entire look together. Don't shirk on the little things, and your attention to detail will shine through.

4. Frequent the Career Center & Print Shop. I already mentioned my trusty friend, the career counselor, and I mean it when I say they are helpful. At UGA, there are so many resources to assist students in the job search process and I've found the Career Center to be particularly beneficial. They hold a lot of seminars and things but my favorite events are the drop-in résumé critique hours. Also, the UGA Print & Copy (located in Tate) prints résumés on 100% Cotton resume quality paper (available in white or ivory) for a very inexpensive price. Plus you can order online and pick them up in the store! Very convenient.

5. For Serious Résumé Envy: Check out this Buzzfeed (#sorrynotsorry) article

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