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Sunday, December 14, 2014

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Two developments of mine have recently collided: the fact that I've finally managed to grow my hair out (and have had it recently styled and trimmed) and the fact that I've been a little (okay, okay, A LOT) addicted to Pinterest. Since doing a little shuffling and reorganizing, I've finally managed to get my Pinterest boards to a state of usefulness. Pooh pooh all you want, but I think Pinterest is a fantastic tool for the creative-minded gal (or guy, hey no discrimination, boys). For a visual person like me, when I need a little creative pick-me-up or a mood board or some ideas for blog posts, I peruse my various boards and usually am not disappointed.

Today, the inspiration borne from such a perusal was that of the follicle variety. With my longer locks, I am feeling the need to experiment with different hairstyles, and one that is quite overlooked is the ponytail. A classic art form, a basic that can be worn casually or taken to the next level, the ponytail has been the secret weapon of women for decades. A ponytail, like denim or an LBD, can be dressed up or down and is equally elegant for an afternoon jog or a night out dancing. I am falling for all four looks above and am planning on ponytails to take me through the rest of finals and into the holiday season. 

Be right back....gotta go find some grosgrain.

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