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Sunday, February 15, 2015

There is nothing quite like spending a day looking at other people's old junk that gets all kinds of right hemisphere artistic expressions spinning in your head. A more fashionable term, thrifting or even scouring vintage is certainly more appropriate for this particular shopping excursion, because I was accompanied by my mom (my favorite shopping partner) and we had a grand old time sorting through 1800's silver tea services, old architectural drawings and all kinds of beautiful and repurposed crafts at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta. 

My favorite purchase from the excursion was a warm plaid wool cape from the 1960's-1970's. Further proof that a big part of my personal style is firmly rooted in this decade, I basically played dress up in this woman's stall (Terri Bilderback, L-3 in the South Building at Scott's) and so did my mom because she got the scarf and a horn bangle (see above). Wearing vintage is one of my favorite ways to pay tribute to my favorite decades of fashion, especially because I am so inspired by the history of dressing and fashionable women from all decades of American fashion. 

This excursion taught me in particular that a coat of some sort is a great vintage investment because it will last for decades more and it will never go out of style. At Scott's there were many varieties besides Terri's vintage capes. I spotted fun leopard swing coats and wool coats of many warm colors. Besides the personal purchase, I snapped a few iPhone pictures of some inspiring and interesting displays seen throughout Scott's. If you ever get the chance to wander the stalls of these two warehouses (set up at the second weekend of each month), definitely do, if only for a bit of creative juice. 

(1) Mom & I enjoying Scott's 
(2) Gallery of fun art for sale (can you spot the ballerinas?!) 
(3) Vintage rug decorating someone's stall
(4) 1800's silver tea sets, repurposed nautical light fixtures like something Captain Nemo would use
(5) Stained glass window renderings (people frame these! stunning!!)
(6) Old Christie's brochures for a future art patron (me?!)

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