So Many Feels

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I have several confessions to make. This was the first time I watched the Super Bowl all the way through, beginning to end, with no interruptions and no copping out for watching the instant replays and ads I missed on YouTube. And it was awesome. In an age of superfluous digital technology at our fingertips, I was reminded how refreshing a live show is. You don't know how it will end or how people will react.

Ok confession #2: I did evoke actual tears at some of the commercials (silent tears, but nevertheless actual waterworks were involved). Between Dove and Coca-Cola and McDonalds and Budweiser, I was just a pool of feel-good happiness. It's amazing to think that advertisements reflect so much about the feelings and sentiments and culture in the moment of time which they air. If you think about it, each Super Bowl ad is like a little time capsule for that time, displaying what makes people laugh and cry and of course, buy at each point in history.

So, in order to rank the feels on some kind of contorted, non-expert scale, I took notes during real time and I will summarize and share them now: the real winners in my book of #SB49.

Winning Professional Commentator: Adweek. Equal parts sass and serious as well as real time ratings after each commercial aired, I was scrolling through Adweek's feed all Sunday night.

Winning Amateur Commentator: Anna Kendrick. My girl crush and just a general boss. Kendrick brought her usual self-deprecation and sarcasm to the Twittersphere as she had something to say about everything from the game to the commercials to Reese Witherspoon's tweets.

Winning Feels: Microsoft. Sweet little Braylon O'Neill. Microsoft is coming in hot, making Apple look like a cold, robotic machine. I never thought I would say this, but I really want a Surface Pro 3.

Winning Digital Integration: SquareSpace. A smirking Jeff Bridges has the power to sell almost anything, so the TV ad was a winner, but what got me about the campaign was the cool website (built on the SquareSpace platform, of course!). There you can listen to Jeff's "music" that will make you fall asleep (and hopefully dream of creating a SquareSpace site...)

Winning Non-Advertised Brand Tweets: Google. Perfectly in sync with their aesthetic and brand image, Google updated a few times during the game with search updates.
Winning Advertised Brand Tweets: Doritos. Mostly for the superfluity of sass.
Winning Awareness Campaign: No More (Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault). My friend Melanie and I were watching the Super Bowl together and she told me right after this commercial that she discussed it in one of her classes about how the VO in this ad is a real phone call. The message is serious and needed. Prayers going out for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault right now.

Winning Hashtag: #LikeAGirl. Always made an inspiring point with its ad and hashtag. Here's to building a new generation of strong women.

Winning Brand Tweet: Audi. Here's to thinking on your feet and undermining your competitors.
Winning lol Tweet: McDonalds. See for yourself. #marketinghumor

Winning Agency: Fallon. These are the guys behind the lol-worthy Loctite glue campaign. The reason they are the winning agency? They are the only ones I could remember as being connected to a brand. Here's hoping Loctite sales go through the roof this year. Rumor has it there is no more marketing money to spend after Sunday night.

Winning Real Time Marketing: Nationwide. Unfortunately, their unpopular awareness ad for preventable death overshadowed the light-hearted Mindy Kaling silliness, but I still think Nationwide wins here. Right after their Mindy ad aired, Kaling tweeted out a selfie of her and Matt Damon from the commercial. Brilliant.
Winning Campaign: Coca-Cola #MakeItHappy. There were so many things right about Coca-Cola: their message of spreading goodwill and happiness, the classic-ness and nostalgia associated with the brand, the fact they are headquartered in Atlanta... I particularly loved how they took their branding into the digital age to right all the wrongs of a relevant problem: cyber bullying and all the anonymous negativity that exists out there. The interweb already feels like a happier place.

Winning Commercial: See above. I just think they could have added a disclaimer that spilling Coke on your hard drive will not make it a happier place literally. It will just fry your computer.

Winning Play: Malcolm Butler. I don't always watch football, but when I do, I like my team to win, and I like it to be exciting. #GoPats

Winner: Tom Brady. You go Tom Brady. Four for you, Tom Brady. And also another Super Bowl trophy and a supermodel for a wife. Glad you aren't sad anymore.

Real Winner: Katy Perry's dancing sharks. I re-watched the halftime show yesterday and these guys are the real MVP's. They know how to rock 'n roll. Wait I take that back, they just know, jafeel?


  1. I enjoyed reading your post! I definitely agree with most of your winners! It was interesting to see how marketers chose to use more emotional appeal rather than comedic appeal during the super bowl commercials this year.

  2. Love the honesty, I feel ya! I shed a few tears could you not?? I mean c'mon the puppies! Oh and, #leftshark