I Am Confident in Sunshine

Monday, June 8, 2015

Image from Netflix

I was about to post a picture of Peggy Olson from Mad Men to represent how I was feeling today, but apprehension and drama are the furthest thoughts from my mind. Rather, I am bursting to the brim like Kimmy Schmidt, realizing that for all of life's curveballs and ridiculousness, there is always a chance to start over -- especially with the right attitude. Today is the first day of my internship at J. Walter Thompson, the most exciting and amazing and incredible advertising agency in the world. I wanted to note really quickly that this is the most confident I have ever felt in my life. I am not nervous or apprehensive. It feels like Christmas morning; today, being here in New York City, possibly starting a new chapter in my life, it just feels right. 

Stay tuned for how today goes...!!!!

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