Sunday, June 28, 2015


The color navy blue will always be associated with sorting out my dad's socks while helping my mom fold laundry. I'd be watching TV on their bed, sorting through a week's worth of clean clothes, and the pile of ambiguous black and navy socks was always daunting. The man can run through a drawerful of socks, let me tell you. Besides attempting to be a somewhat helpful member of the household, this chore made me an excellent determiner of whether an article of clothing is navy or black. (The secret to life and fashion is knowing and using this slight difference to your advantage.)

With this anecdote in mind, I'm turning to some navy inspiration as we head into July. Though the color wears well year round, there is something about a crisp navy skirt billowing in a July breeze or comfortable navy sneakers for summer city strolls or a beat up Yankees hat to keep the sun off your face. These are some of the fun navy pieces I have on my wishlist this July.

{song of the moment}
"Blue" by Joni Mitchell

Some navy inspiration from my good friend Kate Spade:

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