The Thing About Marketing People

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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I love marketing people. Whenever I am in a room full of marketing people, I want to stand up, raise my fists in the air and shout “my brothers!!! My bros!!! my brethren!!!!! I love you!!!!!” I will now attempt to outline exactly what it is about this special group of men and women that I so adore.

First of all (and probably least importantly), we like to party. We’re the socialites of business school. We’re the ones hosting soirees, popping champagne, dancing on tables. Our job is to know and understand the immeasurable crevices of the human mind so naturally we socialize A LOT. We’re talkative and chatty and silly and goofy and funny. Marketing people are the most interesting people in the room, but we’ll never let you know it. We're like the Kanye Wests of humility. 

Like all serious party animals, we don’t half-ass anything. We play hard AND work hard, to proliferate an overused cliché. We’re passionate about our clients, our brands, our stories, our customers. We care deeply. Enough to want to make others’ lives easier, better, empowered, inspired. We work day in and day out. We sacrifice our weekends. We collaborate. We don’t whine. (However, we do wine on occasion. Reread paragraph two.)

Marketing people are hospitable, welcoming, and immensely inclusive. We live by the philosophy that a good idea can come from anywhere and anyone. We don’t discriminate. Join our party, participate in our discussion, challenge the ways we think. We know the humblest of ideas turn into the best brand story, the best message, the most inspiring call to action. We encourage your creativity and when the idea goes viral, we praise you until you say, oh shut up already.

I love the goofiness of marketing people. Marketing people are real. We were the Lizzie McGuires of middle school, the Ferris Buellers of high school. The Liz Lemons of anything that came after that. We have Buzz Lightyears figurines on our desks or autographed The 1975 posters on our cubicle walls and we’ll be the first to respond to your email chain with a gif of the latest viral cat video or whatever. We’ll still be using the terms “bae” and “on fleek” well into our forties (ironically of course). We march to the beat of our own drums and we don’t give a shit. Our elements of style are so unique its insane.

We are powerful because to the meetings we bring the numbers: the ROI, the market research, the campaign test results, the qual and quant, the tough guy charts. But we are invincible because those numbers back up ideas. Ideas are what got America electricity. And Iron Man. Snapchat. The electric toothbrush. Ideas are what make life interesting, worth living, worth improving. Ideas change lives, improve standards of living, alter the course of history. One day, an Idea will cure cancer. An Idea will solve world hunger. I’m not saying Marketers will do all those things, but they will protect those Ideas. They will keep those Ideas in velvet-lined boxes and polish them daily. They will stand up for creators of Ideas, be they doctors or lawyers or college students. They will promote your Ideas.

What I love most about Marketing people in addition to all these wonderful things is our friendship. I think this might be the ticket to all our behind-the-scenes success because without community, there would be no market. We are genuine friends.

Thank you to my Terry friends and my JWT friends. Each one of you is a blessing and a badass, and for that I am truly inspired.  

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