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Saturday, October 3, 2015

      The Intern, 2015

The best kinds of movies leave you inspired long after you leave the theater. It just so happens that The Intern falls into this category, and so does every other film done by its director: Nancy Meyers. You may recognize her name from the slew of your favorite DVDs lining your shelf with titles like Father of the Bride and It's Complicated and The Holiday and The Parent Trap. A true classy lady, Nancy's movies are known for their unique points of view, attention to detail, and of course, their beautifully furnished sets. The Intern excels in all of these categories and provides an overwhelmingly accurate commentary on friendship, success, and the modern woman. What particularly resonated with me is Meyers' depiction of the contrast between the Millennial men and Robert De Niro's character, Ben. Anne Hathaway mentions somewhere in the film that men used to be more chivalrous and put together - now they dress like little boys and there is very little incentive for them to grow up. We are a Peter Pan generation. I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing, but it certainly is an interesting talking point about modern culture. And of course, I fell in love with the artistic characteristics of Meyers' world, especially Anne Hathaway's wardrobe and her hip Brooklyn office. I love clean white washed walls and beautiful typography, both of which were expertly represented. My favorite Jules Ostin (Anne's character) outfit was definitely her first one: black flouncy skirt, cable knit white sweater and calf hair pumps. And she wears it to ride her bike around the office!!!

The Intern, 2015
Since seeing the movie with my friend Kaitlin one rainy Friday evening last weekend, I've read several interviews with Nancy and thought I'd relay some highlights for those of you unfamiliar with the movie and with Meyers herself. 

People just want to be in your movies. Everybody wants to be at that dinner in It's Complicated when she's telling all her friends about her affair with her ex-husband. The pies look so good! And the friends are so nice! And it's all so flatteringly lit!

Because it's fun. I got a call from a guy I know and he told me about the bachelorette party. And I said, "What? They're doing what? I need to talk to them." So I Facetimed with them, and they were all in their turtlenecks. They rented a house for the weekend. They made everything that's on the menu. So there was roast chicken. And I think they tried to make lavender ice cream or something from It's Complicated. They were adorable, these girls. 

On channelling her impressions of the younger generations on screen: 

This generation, they're inventors. They've changed the way we communicate with each other. And so I have great admiration for them. But at the same time the character Bob De Niro plays in this movie is an old-fashioned gentleman who stands up when she comes in the room. He always wears a suit because he's so comfortable in his suit and he finds it respectful to her. And it's also his work outfit, which he misses, being in that suit. So there's just such a big difference between the Millennials and his generation that I do make a point of pointing that out to the audience. 

On whether the different generations can get along: 

Well it's a bit what the movie's trying to say, Ari, you know, just to be less judgmental. So his shirt's not tucked in, or so he has a flip phone. so what? What happens is the boys in the film really, as they say, have a man crush - a big man crush - on Bob's character. And they learn a lot from him. And I didn't write the copy line on the poster, but it does say "Wisdom never gets old." And I really liked it when I read it. And I though whoever wrote that really captured something. So, it's a hopeful piece. 

What career advice would you give women?

When I talk to young women, it sounds cliched, but I say, be true to yourself. Doing the same work as everyone else, or copying what just happened, is not going to help you. Hear your own voice. The best thing you have going is you. 

On my Pinterest is this great quote from Dr. Seuss that says, "Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is Youer than You." 

I write about what I find real, what I find funny, what I find emotional. My youngest daughter is a writer, and today she went into a meeting and I texted her, "Be confident, they need you." People need young talent. To me, they're lucky she's walking in the room.

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Want to learn more about Nancy and The Intern? I also loved this interview. You can tour The Intern set here and watch the trailer here

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