Midweek Musings: Mysteries & Marty McFly

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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First of all, Happy Back to the Future Day! Can you believe we made it to 2015?! We managed to make it through the 2012 apocalypse crisis and survived that time ponchos and low rise jeans were in style, so I'd say we're doing pretty good, future-wise. In other news, this week I'm obsessed with Lists, freshly brewed tea that smells like what I imagine Ina Garten's living room smells like, hot new jams, and a favorite franchise on the verge of getting a facelift.

1. The Future is Back \\ USA Today

30 years ago, Doc Brown sent Marty McFly into a caricature of 2015 complete with hoverboards, self-lacing shoes, and a villain with iconic hair. These movies are some of my favorite ever because they were filmed in the 80's (they just stopped making good movies after 1989) and because the first time I saw them it was pizza movie night with my sister and my dad: movie marathon style with a box of takeout pizza for dinner, a Minute Maid lemonade (in a can), and a pair of fuzzy socks on my feet. These days, the marketer in me is having a field day reading about all the branding surrounding the franchise. Pepsi, Nike, USA Today, Lyft, and Toyota are just a few favorite #brand moments from today. What is great about pop culture and #brands these days is the defined and collective sharing of a common story that many can relate to. Back to the Future taught us to imagine the future, rather than fear it. And with imagination comes invention, and with invention, the future.

The DeLorean at Universal Studios Orlando - my favorite picture from our trip last year! 

2. The Tao of the Listicle \\ The Atlantic

Are you aroused thrilled by lists of useless useful items to be remembered, reconciled, recollected, rejoiced? From B.J. Novak and Dev Flaherty comes a new app to record all your fantastic fetishes in the format of a simple, yet beloved list. What is striking about this app and social network is the revolution of a simple medium of writing. We all make lists, whether written or stored in our heads, but now Novak and Flaherty have given us a way to transform them and communicate through them. As an overly organized list maker and social media enthusiast, this app is quite literally a dream come true. I just wish I had thought of it myself. I love this article from The Atlantic that delved into the fantastic world of listmaking.

PS: Download the app at here and follow me @hepburncommame
PSS: A list for Back to the Future day.


3. Revival by Selena Gomez \\ Interscope Records

Music these days seems to go in one of two directions: lyrics relating strictly to one's love life or lyrics relating strictly to one's ass. As a single girl who prefers an intelligent mind to a fit derrière, I've had trouble in the past few years finding music that speaks to what I am feeling in this day and age of my life. As a fellow 20-something, Selena gets it, and vivaciously expresses it with synth-y, mysterious melodies, razor-sharp lyrics, and a sonic cohesion that draws the listener in, sensual vocal chord by sensual vocal chord. The titular track, "Revival," may seem a bit dramatic for a mere 23-year-old, but for those of us in this stage of life it feels perfect. We are reinventing ourselves from the young women we once were into the women we are today. We are taking on new responsibilities, witnessing major life changes, learning the good, the bad, and the ugly about our true selves. Our characters are put to the test as we unleash our inner beings to the world. With Revival, Selena has put this action to music. "I've been under self restoration / I'm becoming my own salvation," she coos, emphasizing this transformation. In addition to "Revival," I am obsessed with "Rise," "Hands to Myself," and "Kill 'Em With Kindness."

I also loved this review from Rolling Stone and Selena's recent Billboard cover, below.


4. Paris Tea \\ Harney & Sons

My mom surprised my roommates and I with a basket of treats for our house and included was a tea tin she bought on a whim. Inside is the most fragrant of tea bags I have ever had the privledge to smell, and the scent was so sweet, that I have kept the tin by my bed for a little aromatherapy before I fall asleep. It is an Earl Grey tea with a hint of caramel and vanilla and boy, is it soothing. Just as the air is cooling, this delightful drink is sure to come in handy as we dive deep into fall.

5.  'Nancy Drew' TV Series in the Works at CBS \\ The Hollywood Reporter

It was announced recently that CBS has acquired the rights to the Nancy Drew franchise and plans to produce an upcoming TV series starring the crime-solving perfectionist. Nancy Drew was my earliest girl crush and girl power influencer. There was nothing this detective couldn't do with ease, and as hilarious as it was that Nancy could be an expert in anything and everything from solving mysteries to Tai-Kwan-Do to casually picking up golf, it was also inspiring and empowering. Sandra Day O'Connor, Oprah Winfrey, Hilary Clinton, and Barbara Streisand have all counted Nancy as an inspiration as well. In addition to reading every Nancy Drew book Carolyn Keen wrote, I watched most of the 1970's TV show starring Pamela Sue Martin and my mom's heartthrob, Shaun Cassidy back when we still had subscription service from Netflix. Now most of the episodes are on YouTube if you need an excuse to procrastinate on something. Let's hope 2016 Nancy is just as fly as 1977 Nancy:

American Broadcasting Company
American Broadcasting Company

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