Things I've Worn On Campus

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Real talk: is it possible to consider myself a style blogger and walk around campus in some of the getups I wear on a regular basis? Because campus casual (for the ladies, at least) is dictated by a bizarre unspoken mutual agreement of "meh," I somehow find it acceptable to walk around in public in the following: 

A baseball hat and the hood of my raincoat pulled up on top of it. Bonus points for day-old hair. 

A tee shirt I wore three straight days in a row. 


Workout clothes when I have zero intention of going to the gym. 

Fleece vests and extra large flannel button downs. Bonus points if the flannel is from the Americas Thrift. 

6 pairs of leggings if it gets below 40. I get cold.

Tee shirts that cover my norts so it looks like I'm not wearing pants. (Breaking News: This look now has a name as reported by TheSkimm...)

Cheap tube socks. 

Expensive, whimsically patterned tube socks.

Christmas-themed tube socks (in August).

I have a love-hate relationship with the college uniform. There are a lot of benefits to dressing this way. The most obvious cop-out is that everybody sticks to this uniform. It's common knowledge that if you substitute your leggings for jeans one day, students will quizzically query why you are so dressed up (which is awkward). Plus walking around campus all day seriously limits your options anyway. You need good speed-walking-to-class shoes, a shirt that doesn't show your back sweat from so much speed walking, and something that won't get ruined from toting around a heavy backpack all day. And everything needs to be comfortable enough to curl up in a coffee shop armchair to study in between classes. As much as I do hate purposefully looking like a slob, I secretly love being able to rely on a semi-acceptable way to be extremely comfortable 100% of the time. I hate you, I love you XL tee shirts. I hate you, I love you leggings. (But I mostly love you.)

Do you like the campus casual uniform? What is the worst outfit you've worn on campus??

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