Having a Crush

Sunday, February 14, 2016

I love thinking about this feeling. Having a crush is the absolute best, isn't it? You wake up happy and immediately put on your mascara and your best dress. You feel shiny. You twirl a lot more and put in a little more effort. It's like a secret you hold close to your heart that you tell no one and everyone about. You get to be a little flirty, a little serious. You brush fingers and avoid eye contact. I love that nothing comes out of it at all. Just a really good playlist that you sometimes listen to alone in your car. Someday the feeling will fade, but every time you hear "Dancing In the Moonlight" you'll think of 8th grade and working up the courage to compliment your classmate on his cool science project. I think that is the sweetest memory, and I play it back often.

But the best part about having a crush? You learn something about yourself. I've learned something about myself with every crush I've had. In elementary school I learned to journal and write poetry. In middle school I learned to confide in my girlfriends. In high school I learned to have reasonable expectations of people. In college I learned that I wanted to become the kind of person worth being in a relationship with: humble, artistic, courageous, and content.

Whether you are in a long term relationship or single or married or heartbroken, I hope you won't forget what it's like to have a crush. If you have, take a minute to remember when you saw the world through rose colored glasses and find that little piece of you that you gained from your crush. I bet it's in there somewhere, somewhere wedged tight into your little heart. And I bet that part of you still has the ability to feel shiny, not because of that person, but because of what you learned about yourself.

Happy Valentine's Day :)

A Playlist for Those of You that Have a Crush

Dancing in the Moonlight (Bonus Track) --- Toploader
Classy Girls --- The Lumineers
Hello My Old Heart --- The Oh Hellos
Nightingale --- Carole King
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) --- Marvin Gaye
Lost In My Mind --- The Head and The Heart
Speak For Me --- John Mayer
Restless --- Allison Kraus & Union Station
Cupid --- The Jacksons
You Say It Best --- Allison Krauss
Better Place --- Rachel Platten

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