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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Do as the Romans do, or so they say, right? When I was picking out my bedding for the next four years, I distinctly chose a style that fit the occasion, in other words, preppy, collegiate, classic. Four years later I still love my pink and green plaid. My living situations have evolved over the years, from dorm to sorority house to having my own bedroom (finally!!!), so now I give you the final installment of dorm style:

On picking the right bedspread: One of the most anxiety-inducing activities when you head into your freshman year is choosing a bedspread. There are a million ridiculous factors that go into this simple decision: will you and your roommate match bedding? Will you buy a new bedspread or bring one from home? Will you keep it all four years? What color? What pattern? What style? Will it match the style of your room? Keeping all these questions in mind, I felt like sticking to a classic, collegiate pattern, reminiscent of school uniforms and pep rallies: plaid. Luckily Katie, my freshman year roommate, liked the pattern too and we stuck with it! Now I fold my original twin duvet on my bed along with another hot pink blanket.

duvet: Ralph Lauren shams: Ralph Lauren decorative pillows: PB Teen, Ralph Lauren

On knickknacks: Little knickknacks remind me of various shopping excursions and family travels, so I love placing them around my room. I try to think logically about where to place things: my recipe box is on my desk because I often copy down recipes from the internet at my desk and I often try to keep fresh flowers by my bedside table so I can look at something pretty when I wake up. A favorite knickknack category? Perfume bottles. A pretty Chanel No. 5 is an essential for any dresser.

recipe box: Rifle Paper co.

On books: My New Year's Resolution each year is to read more. This year, in order to actually achieve this resolution, I decided to read all the books I own before buying any new ones. I am notorious for buying a book, reading the first two chapters, and then putting it down. Only to rinse and repeat. I also usually read several books at a time, but I don't think I can stop this habit. Right now I'm reading All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr and The Screwtape Letters by C.S Lewis.

On closets: There are two reasons I take my closet so seriously. First, with an organized closet you can take better care of your clothes. I fold my heavy sweaters that would be ruined on a hanger. I try to hang things up neatly to avoid wrinkles. I wipe off dirt from my shoes before I put them away. Simple things, but it makes each item in my wardrobe last that much longer. With dorm closets, you definitely have to be creative, and that's where the right storage comes into play. I think the most important staples for a college closet are thin, sturdy hangers (the plastic ones are even better than the velvet ones I use), a full length mirror, and of course, an inspirational photograph of Audrey Hepburn.

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