Elements of a Perfect Gift Basket

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Gifts from Jittery Joes, Condor Chocolates, Heery's Too, Diet Coke, Ban.do, Eos, Kleenex, and Moleskine
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When our chapter president Anna Grace reached out to me and asked if I would put together the gift baskets for our Chi O national consultants, my heart swelled. I've put together these welcome baskets for the past two years, so getting to do it again was such an honor. This is such a fun activity to do because (a) shopping and (b) a nice budget. This year I felt I really hit the nail on the head with putting together the perfect mix of fun and useful treats for our guests. Whether you are hosting National Consultants or the Queen of England, here are the elements of what I consider the perfect gift basket.

It is best to plan ahead and think about the purpose of your guest's visit. Our National Consultants are here to train and meet our exec board, so there will be packed days of meetings, tours, and dinners during their brief stay. I wanted everything in the gift bag to be both fun and functional for their visit to our beloved college town. My best piece of advice for gift basket-ing is to choose a multi-purpose container. Rather than a traditional straw basket, I decided to put everything in this adorable ban.do shopping bag that can double as a tote. Once I filled it with all the treats, I stuffed it with hot pink tissue paper and voila! A fabulous, professional-looking gift basket. Inside, you'll find:

Something Local: Athens is such a cool place, so my first objective was to include something with a little bit of local flair. I added a can of Jittery Joe's House Coffee, a Jittery Joe's Coffee Mug (similar), and a small box of Condor Chocolates.

Something Collegiate: We're proud members of the Bulldawg nation down here, so something UGA-inspired was needed. As neither of our consultants were alumni, I felt the need to add something from Georgia that was realistically useful. Thus, I picked up several red Moleskines from the bookstore and a couple of vintage Uga stickers. Black ball point pens completed this part of the gift.

Something Personal: To commemorate their visit to our Chapter, I included a coaster with a picture of the Mu Beta house on it. There is a cute gift store downtown called Heerys Too! that sells them!

Something Sweet: Chocolate is such a perfect gift for guests. Nothing brings me comfort more than something sweet before bed - think of hotels that place a fresh piece of chocolate on a freshly laundered pillowcase. Perfection. I included mini Kit-Kats (TRY THESE if you haven't already) and a Symphony bar in remembrance of the Chi Omega Symphony.

Something Salty: SmartFood Cheddar popcorn is a favorite snack at Mu Beta, so we thought we'd share a few spare snack bags.

Something Caffeinated: In addition to the coffee, I popped in two Diet Coke bottles. I love the iconic glass bottles and was excited to pick up some of the newly designed bottles from the "It's Mine" campaign. Each bottle is unique which is so cool and amazing to me!

Something Useful: A reusable tote for carrying around the day's essentials. A new Eos lip balm for a smooth pucker. Kleenex On-The-Go packs to stay fresh faced all day and Kind bars to toss into your bag for a mid morning snack.

Something Relaxing: Nothing beats lighting a candle (similar) and curling up with the latest Vogue at the end of a long day.

Something Fun: I love these owl note cards from Target and figured one can never have enough stationary. Perfect for traveling National Consultants that need to write Thank You Notes on the go!

Something Welcoming: I love including a sweet note in gift bags explaining the significance of each item inside and welcoming the guest to our town. This cute owl card from Studio Ink made my day.

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