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Friday, March 25, 2016

Twentieth Century Fox
Has this happened to you recently? You're talking about movies or something with your friends and suddenly it comes out that you haven't seen The Breakfast Club or Mean Girls or some other cultural-permeating, generation defining film. Cue incredulous looks and maybe a silent judgement or two, but when this happens to me I try to get a little defensive. I don't just sit around and watch movies all day, actually.

I was just reading Caroline Donofrio's very witty, very relevant blog and the post I was reading had a picture from the movie Say Anything in it. Ironically, I was also listening to Ben Rector's song "Brand New" simultaneously, which features the line "I feel like a young John Cusack/like making big mistakes." You know the famous movie scene with John Cusack holding up the boombox? I just learned it is from Say Anything. The fact that John Cusack in his movie Serendipity is one of my movie crushes should tell you that I should have seen this movie many times. Never seen it. Not even once.

In addition to Say Anything, here are a few other movies I haven't seen that I need to just marathon through the next time I don't have homework and it's a rainy day.

When Harry Met Sally
How To Steal A Million
The Princess Bride
The Dark Knight
The Philadelphia Story
An American In Paris
Steel Magnolias
The Royal Tenenbaums
Father of the Bride

What famous movies have you yet to see?
Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I haven't seen Say Anything either! Adding it to my movie bucket list.