What Do You Wear To Workout?

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Karlie Kloss Photographed by Mario Testino, Vogue, July 2012
Do you find that you have a better workout when you feel like you should do a little pony tail flip when you walk into the gym? (i.e. you know you look good, girl) I do.

That being said, finding the right gym wear is a delicate balance between practicality, comfort and style. As a trained dancer, I grew up in leotards and tights and thus always found it difficult to transfer that style to regular workout clothes. Now with endless options, it's even harder to pick out what I like and what I'll feel comfortable in.

That being said, I think finding your workout wear starts with finding how you like to exercise. I juggle my workout schedule between taking classes in the community (particularly Barre, yoga, kickboxing, and dance classes), running, and swimming laps. I find it's good to have a balance of multifunctional pieces: sports bras that can double as sporty swim tops, flowy tops and leggings for dance and yoga classes, comfortable and supportive sneakers, and a headband that stays put.

I approach a workout wardrobe first from a style standpoint and then from a functionality standpoint. I love ballet-inspired pieces and just feel comfortable in pale pink and black: the uniform colors of your typical dance class. Therefore, many of my workout clothes fit into these categories first and then can be mixed and matched according to activity. Here are some of my favorite necessities for a fun and functional workout wardrobe:

One \\ Black One Piece Bathing Suit                             Two \\ Adorable Sports Bra
Three \\ Windbreaker                                                     Four \\ Ballerina Sweater
Five \\ Classic Black Leggings                                       Six \\ Good Running Shoes
Seven \\ Running Shorts                                                 Eight \\ Water Tumbler
Nine \\ Fun Workout Tank                                              Ten \\ Nike Training Club App
Eleven \\ Headband

PS: A favorite (sadly, recently inactive) workout Insta account, a review of popular workout classes, and the ballet documentary I can't wait to watch.

What piece of workout clothing can you not live without?


  1. So exciting! I'm going to try women's plus size clothing! P.S. your collection is great. You know I love the Jacket.

  2. Good running tights are just that... tight, yet they breathe to allow moisture to escape and keep your dry and cool. Now this work out gear do the trick, they keep tight for an entire workout and then some, from the workout to the car to the grocery.