This chapter is addressed particularly to those who feel that English prose composition is not only a necessary skill, but a sensible pursuit as well - a way to spend one's days.
 E.B. White
The Elements of Style


The Elements of Personal Style is a style blog curated by me, Anna Elizabeth. The name comes from Strunk and White's infamous "little book," The Elements of Style. I first read this book in my high school language and composition class and ended up liking it so much that I went out and bought the version illustrated by Maira Kalman. The Elements of Style describes how to develop a writing style by examining basic grammar rules, the structure of words, and various rhetorical approaches. I approach fashion in the same way: combining the "Classics" (denim, a white tee shirt, the LBD, etc.), inspiration from old photographs, and my interests of literature, music, and marketing to create my own personal style. This blog celebrates and chronicles the journey to self discovery, and in that, the discovery of personal style. Style extends far beyond clothes in a closet; it differs from person to person, just as prose does. Each individual possesses a unique style: a gem, deep inside that begs to be made known to the world. This blog is my gem.

Currently, I'm adventuring in Athens, Georgia (Go Dawgs!) where I'm studying Marketing and Art History. During the summer of 2013, I spent 2 & 1/2 months pretending to be a photographer and Renaissance woman in Italy (read about it here), while I actually spent countless hours journaling, wandering cobblestoned streets, and eating gelato. In 2014 I interned for a utilities manufacturer in marketing, and this past summer I lived out my childhood my dream working in advertising in NEW YORK CITY before I returned home to my full time job as UGA student/blogger/daydreamer (for my Senior year, holy cow). I don't know what lies beyond that, but I think with a little personal style and a lot of hard work, it will be spectacular.


When trying to come up with a Twitter handle, I wanted to choose something memorable. I wanted to borrow someone else's name, in this case, my style muse and soul sister: Audrey Hepburn. Audrey makes me smile: from her movies to her background in ballet to her charitable contributions to UNICEF. And we must not forget her style. Audrey has that quiet, humble sense of style where it's quite extraordinary that she is a style icon at all.  Audrey is a perfect mascot for this blog because her approach to personal style, like mine, is that it begins with with confidence, with grace, and with a great pair of cigarette pants.